Vote SDS on BIBOX listing vote

We are gladly to announce to Alchemint community follower, after BIBOX evaluation, we been selected as one of the participates of BIBOX The 6th Round Vote. From now to 24th Aug, 13:00 Hongkong Time(GMT+8), you can click the link go to the SDS Bibox vote page and vote for SDS.

Based on the Bibox rules about vote, you can support SDS by vote BIX to the listing vote. Each vote will required 1 BIX token, each account can vote up to 10,000 BIX. Votes can’t be canceled upon voting. And for each account want to participate the voting, it require with net asset equal or larger than 200 BIX.

We appreciate your supports, In return when the vote ended, if SDS is top 3 in the vote, and SDS successfully listed on Bibox, you will receive 15 SDS for each BIX you cast for support SDS. If you vote 10,000, in after SDS been listed, you will receive 150,000 in total.

After 24th Aug, 13:00 Hongkong Time (GMT+8), Bibox will announce the top 3, if in this vote, SDS wasn’t been top 3, the BIX you voted for SDS will be fully return. If SDS been top 3 in the vote, One third of award SDS will be delivered to the voter when the SDS has been listed, and the rest will be delivered at 17:00 of each Monday in the following 2 weeks.

Thanks for the long time support.

Full details about Bibox vote:



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