Use SDUSD to Purchase NEO DevCon Ticket

Alchemint has special offer for NEO DevCon tickets.

The price will be 59 SDUSD per ticket. Alchemint only have 30 tickets for sell.

SDUSD is the stablecoin pegged to US$ at 1:1 ratio, which mean, you can get your ticket with a discount price compare to the Early Bird Ticket price is US$149 and the full price ticket is $299.

Process of ticket purchasing:

  1. Send a email to tell us your NEO address, BEFORE sending the SDUSD

2. AFTER send the email, Transfer 59 SDUSD to Aa235EpfAQznKNMVZ4kuLLVgfeSnDfKhv6

3. Within 48 hour, we will reply your email with a redeem code for the ticket.

After you receive the redeem code:

  1. Open

Click Purchase Ticket (USD)

2. Click Tickets

3. Click Enter Promotional Code

4. Input your Promotional Code and click Apply Code

5. After the Promotional Code had been applied, you you will see the Two-Day Full Price Ticket price become $0, select 1 and Check Out

After that, you can check out for your ticket like normal.

If you have any question before or after purchase ticket, please don’t hesitate to contact with

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.