SDS ERC-20 Token Swap Guide

3 min readNov 5, 2020

TL;DR, you can now access for the ERC20 migration, once you send your NEP-5 SDS, it will be irreversible. You will receive ERC20 SDS 14 days later and FLM airdrop within 48 hours.

As we announced in early October, we will migrate 50% of the total supply, 500,000,000 SDS to Ethereum network.

And mentioned later, we will distribute FLM airdrop for every 25,000 SDS to participate in the token migration:

This is the step-by-step guide for token migration.

Things You Need to Prepared:

How it works:

  1. Login, you will notice a new tab “Conversion SDS” on the top

2. Input the amount SDS you want to migrate and your Ether wallet address and click the Conversion button

Do not use cryptocurrencies exchange’s wallet to receive ERC20 SDS token

3. Click Confirm

ATTENTION: Please make sure you enter the correct address, the SDS you send will into a blackhole address, we can not irreversible the operation.

4. You will see your transaction in the SDS Conversion List

After the Operation

You will receive FLM airdrop within 48 hours, it will be distributed to the NEO wallet which you send SDS.

You will receive ERC20 SDS after 14 days.

The migration will end on 31st Dec.

In order to let the majority of people have ERC20 SDS at the same time, for people to send it before and included 8th Nov., you will receive ERC20 SDS on 22nd Nov.

For example:

Alice operated the migration on 6th Nov, she will receive ERC20 SDS on 22nd Nov;

Ben operated the migration on 8th Nov, he will receive ERC20 SDS on 22nd Nov;

Cathy operated the migration on 15th Nov, she will receive ERC20 SDS on 29th Nov.

Until 22nd Nov, there will be no ERC20 SDS on the market.

If you have questions, please contact