Q&A of SDT Mainnet Swap to SDS

1. Why do we have to change the SDT into SDS?

A: The Alchemint main contract is coming to the Mainnet, and we have optimized the use of SDT in the latest version of the main contract. In order to upgrade the main contract related functions, we need to upgrade the Alchemint’s platform token SDT in advance. This upgrade is also a brand upgrade for the Alchemint’s platform token. The token name will be upgraded from SDT (Special Drawing Token) to SDS (Standards).

2. Will the exchange suspend trading when Mainnet Swap happens?

A: Alchemint plans to close SDT’s charge, withdrawal and transactions on August 1, 2018, Beijing time, from 13:00 to 16:00. After the transaction is restarted, the original SDT transaction pair will reopen as SDS transaction pair on the exchange. You can start trading the token SDS of the Alchemint project again. However, the specific transaction recovery time of each exchange depends on its announcement.

3. What happens if my SDT is in the Switcheo?

A: Since Swictheo is a decentralized exchange; the processing will be different from that of centralized exchange. Please pay attention to the Switcheo announcement. We also recommend that investors can first return the SDT in the Switcheo exchange to their wallets. After the replacement is completed, they can recharge the new SDS to the Switcheo exchange and the transaction can continue.

4. If my SDT is in my wallet, will it affect?

A: Alchemint will distribute the corresponding SDS according to the number of SDTs in the existing wallet, so if your SDT is placed in the wallet and you do not transfer the SDT from 13:00–16:00 on August 1, it will not have any effect on you.

5. If my SDT is in the exchange, will it affect?

A: Alchemint has negotiated with the various exchanges on the SDT replacement work. If there is no special need, you can keep your SDT on the exchange. After the mainnet swapping completes, the exchange will continue to trade Alchemint’s new token SDS. Please refer to the latest announcement of the relevant exchange for details.

6. Do I need to take the SDT from LEEKICO to my wallet or the exchange before 13:00 on August 1st?

A: Alchemint and LEEK have already talked about the replacement. If there is no special need, you can continue to keep your SDT in LEEKICO. After the replacement is done, you can withdraw new SDS from LEEK.

7. Will the swapping from SDT into SDS cause damage to our property?

A: The SDS replacement will give the same amount of SDS for all users who hold SDT. If the SDT transfer is not carried out between 13:00–16:00, there will be no loss of property. If your transfer causes property damage during this period, please contact the administrator through our official channels.

8. Since SDT becomes SDS, what will happen to the original SDT?

A: The original SDT will no longer be used as a token for the application and governance purposes of the Alchemint platform, and will not be circulated in the original exchanges or other ways. The exchange will replace the SDT transaction pair with the SDS transaction pair. SDT will not be able to recharge, withdraw and trade. The new SDS will be the token for Alchemint’s mainnet application and governance purposes, and will continue to be circulated on the original exchanges, please pay attention to the announcements issued by the relevant exchanges.

9. If I have questions about the number of SDSs issued after this upgrade is completed, how can I contact you?

A: If you lose property due to improper operation during the currency exchange, please send e-mail to Service@Alchemint.io.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.