New Year’s Message to the Alchemint Community

The New Year’s bell rings, people are greeting each other in the first sunshine of 2019, Happy New Year!

It’s like a roller coaster for the cryptocurrency industry in the past 2018, the joys and sorrows come with raise and down. Last New Year, Bitcoin climbed to the all-time high of the $19,000. And Alchemint declared his ideas to the world, becoming the stable anchor in the ocean of waves.

2018 considered as the first year of the blockchain comes into the mainstream. People saw a miracle of consensus created by a free currency in only 9 years. People saw the cryptocurrencies users moving from crypto punk to the ordinary people. Assets can be rapidly transferred through blockchain. ICO enlighted many entrepreneurs; People from all over the world have learned to governance with token. Cryptography, distributed ledgers, decentralization, and the token economy have brought about the disruption of traditional economic organization operations and business models. People have begun to believe that blockchain is the next generation of the Internet. We are standing at the door in front of the technology revolution.

This year, Alchemint grew from a seed to a seedling. We had designed an over-collateralization stablecoin issuance mechanism; Successfully issued SDUSD on NEO blockchain; we build a global community to help spread awareness of why we need decentralized stablecoin SDUSD.

Our ultimate goal is from “having a organize” to “giving back to the community”, that is, everyone uses Alchemint stablecoin; we have built a center-to-center stable currency brand through continuous market cultivation, making Alchemint a well-known mainstream in the industry. Coins; we work with a number of exchanges, DApps, and merchants to truly use stablecoin in our life.

Despite Bitcoin with a 75% decline leading lose among the global capital market in 2018. ICO that could raise billions of dollars back in March has shrunk to raised almost zero in December, and countless practitioners have left the market to make the entire industry It is colder than winter. The market is the best teacher, it makes the overreacted market come be quick and calm, and by revaluing asset, taught people thinking.

In this crypto winter, we have to accept the fact that the cryptocurrency‘s total market cap is still insignificantly compared to the total global economic volume. The collapse of the price is nothing but the return value of the bubble last year vanished. And there is still a long way to go before we will use blockchain technology in our daily life.

We do see more and more people are paying attention to the blockchain industry. The exploration and practice STO is expected to seamlessly combine with securities and token, stablecoin will gradually become the intermediary of cryptocurrency, and play an important role in commercial payment.

And Alchemint’s efforts this year will not be in vain. We won’t forget the investors who support each round of funding. We will prove your vision. We remember all the unforgettable moments our community bring to us: those inspiring posters. And the funny Meme, buying BIX to vote for us on Bibox, and the fans always cheering for us in the cold winter.

Thank you all.

In 2019, Alchemint steps will be more determined. Next, we will work hard to push SDUSD to more users, making it a popular stablecoin among DApps, exchanges and regular merchants. We know that as a decentralized stablecoin, only supported one asset as collateral is not enough. Creating multi-asset mortgage and cross-chain is one of the key tasks this year. Besides, in the winter of the industry, Alchemint will continue to tremble while also compressing the cost to prepare for the spring. The road is long, and Alchemint will always seek.

Finally, I wish you a happy new year 2019!

1st, January 2018

Alchemint Founder

Elva Zhang

Original article in Chinese




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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