June Monthly Report

Project Development

Alchemint system v1.0

1. SAR-C module

— a stablecoin issuance platform based on the cryptocurrency mortgage model for individual users, completes the iteration of the second version, and makes the following improvements based on the previous version.

Enhanced security for calls between contracts.

Improve the way the lock the asset, making the collateral function more secure.

Further optimization for the closing SAR-C logic, but because the clearing function is too complicated and the code execution is very long, a closing SAR-C transaction will still exceed the free limit of 10 gas specified by the NEO blockchain, which will make the caller need to consume gas, so it need further optimization.

2. SAR-B module

— a stablecoin issuance platform based on the real-life asset mortgage model for institutional users, completes the iteration of the first version, and has the following characteristics.

(1) Alchemint created a new non-NEP-5 token standard to support institutional users to release assets without new contracts, making the platform more decentralized.

(2) Based on the above-mentioned token standard, institutional users can issue tokens that pegged to any type of real assets, either pegging the legal currency or pegging 1g of gold, silver, and other commodities. Alchemint completed the initial asset tokenization support feature.

(3) Institutional users can issue stablecoins by locking SDT in SAR as a deposit. Stablecoins from different institutions are classified into different asset types.

(4) Stablecoin users can see the issue amount and deposit rate of different stablecoins issued by various institutions in the blockchain.

3. Web based console

Completed the account management, private key management, login and logout functions of the wallet module.

Completed the first version of the console of SAR-B issuing user.

Complete the first version of the ordinary user’s wallet iteration

4. Oracle

— completed the mechanism design of the Oracle

The node collects the market price data, and each node can have its own different market price collection channels and collection methods.

The node can write the market price to the blockchain-based Oracle.

The community can decide which nodes’ data can be adopted by decentralized voting.

The Oracle will weight the data of all trusted nodes to form the final market price data.

Alchemint White Paper V1.0

The Alchemint white paper v1.0 has been finalized and is currently being typeset proofreaded and will be officially released in the near future.



In June, Alchemint finished ICO, Alchemint attract globe’s cryptocurrency lovers’ attention, also several ICO website hade made review for Alchemint, the overall feedback is very good.

We had more than 8,000 new followers, total follower is around 25,000. But due to we don’t allow Chinese people participate, so our 80% follower is outside China

Early Bird campaign

On 0:00 and 12:00 of 4th June, we opened 2 Early bird whitelisting campaign. Was planned to accept 1500 applicants each windows, but due to the overwhelming response from community, we slight extend the maximum amount people. Both 2 early bird whitelisting received 1,800 and 2,200 people application in 2 minus. After closed the Early bird whitelisting, our admin had reach out lots activity long time follower and manually add them into the Early bird whitelist. In the end, totoal 4195 people registered in the early bird whitelist.

ICO complete

Although LEEKICO has problem here and there, we finished our ICO in 6 hours and 30 mins. Early bird and public sale has more than 9000 people participate. People from Russia country showed great interest on our project. Our Korean community also participate productivity.

But due to LEEKICO’s problem, they inform us after the public sale ended that Early bird actual sale amount is less than it showed. So it made us ended the public sale before reaching the hardcap. We will burnt the token and share the address publicly.

Jinse Finance Interview

5th June, Alchemint invited by Jinse for an interview, founder Elva Zhang accept the interiew in Beijing. During the interbiew, Elva introduced Alchemint’s belief, mechanism and vision, also shared the experience working in blockchain industry.

Meet-up event preparation

Alchemint will hold their own meet-up in China, during the meet up will also announce the Alchemist League. More details regard the Alchemist League will update later.

Github code review

The Alchemint Github is officially launch, the code review program also begin. We received some feedback, not only NEO core developer, also the author of NEP-10. Based on all the Issue we received on Github, Alchemint finally accept 4 suggesting, and made improvement based on that. In total we given out $1500 worth SDT as reward.

Alchemint first road show in UK

In order to introduce our project in UK, Alchemint’s Europe community leader Jonathan attend NEO London Meetup in Comedy Store London. Jonathan bring a brilliant speech in the road show. During the Meet, NEO invited famous DApps, also attract KOL from UK, around 200 people attend this meet-up.

Follow us:

Our telegram: https://t.me/Alchemint

Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alchemint_SDT

Our reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Alchemint/




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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