FLM airdrop for Alchemint Community

2 min readOct 23, 2020


As we promised here are the details for the FLM airdrop to NEO DeFi early-stage supporters and the Alchemint community.

The Airdrop will be distributed on 25th October.

Team and partners address are excluded for the airdrop, to allow our users to benefit the most.

Based on the block snapshot data, we made the following calculation for the airdrop:

Total 10,000 FLM

  • 2,500 For SDUSD Issuers
  • 500 For People Issued SDUSD before
  • 7,000 For SDS token swap participatory

I. 2,500 For SDUSD Issuers

People who used NEO early-stage DeFi products and Alchmint users will be rewarded the most. The reward will be based on how many SDUSD each address had been issue throughout the time.

Team and partners address are excluded, to allow our users to benefit the most from the airdrop.

For example:

Alchemint team issued 100 SDUSD. Ben issued 300 SDUSD, and returned 100 SDUSD. Claire issued 300 SDUSD, returned 100 SDUSD, and issued 300 SDUSD again.

*There are in total 100+300+300+300=1000 SDUSD had been issued.

2500 FLM will be airdrop for this event.

The distribution will be like:

Alchemint: 0 FLM

Ben: 300/(1000–100)*2500=833.333 FLM

Claire: (300+300)/(1000–100)*2500=1666.667 FLM

II. 500 For People Issued SDUSD before

For people who have tried our system, but no longer use it, we will also reward you FLM airdrop as a thank you gift.

For people who have clicked the Start SAR button will eligible for this airdrop.

III. 7,000 For SDS token swap participators

As we announced our migration plan, we will airdrop the rest of FLM to people who participate in the migration. After you participate in the migration, you will receive the FLM airdrop right away.

Airdrop ratio :

Every 25,000 SDS migrated will receive an airdrop of 1 FLM

The step-by-step Migration tutorial will be published early next week.

Due to the fact that we want to hold a fair distribution by enabling the ERC20 token at the same time for everyone you will receive your ERC20 SDS 2 weeks later.