ETH version platform is now available to public testing

Alchemint ETH Version stablecoin issuance platform is now available for testing!

How can I participate?

(Here is a guide that can help you prepare:

2. Switch the Network to Kovan Test Network.

3. Copy your ETH Address after that sign in and post it on ,you will receive 3 ETH testnet tokens in your wallet.

4. Open start testing.

How to Issue ETH SDUSD?

Here is the workflow for the first time using the platform

The 2 boxes on the first row are authorized ETH and authorized SDUSD, we will fix this with other UI problem soon.

How to modify Mortgage rate after Issuing ETH SDUSD?

1. Add ETH or Draw SETH, change the amount of collateral ETH, modify the Mortgage rate.

2. Issue SDUSD or Return SDUSD, change the amount of SDUSD issued, modify the Mortgage rate

What role does SDS play in the ETH version of the platform?

So how will SDS holder benefits from Alchemint progress development?

We decided to distribute ALL the Mortgage Service Fee to user participating in our staking program. This will be a new use case for SDS and compared to deflation of SDS total supply, the rewards are easier to see.

The staking details and testing will be available soon. Please stay tuned!

(The NEO platform SDS use case is unchanged)

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.