Bi-weekly report (1st–15th August)

3 min readAug 19, 2018


On the first half of August, Alchemint achieve progress on product’s Research and development and marketing and operation. Details is below.

Research and development

1. Alchemint Operation system development

SAR-B β is launched on our private chain, its in testing period, planned to invited more people to testing it next week.

In SAR-B β, these function is available:

1.1 Wallet Function

§ Create new wallet

§ Login wallet through Wallet file + password or by input WIF directly

§ NEO Asset, NEP-5 and stablecoin transaction and balance checking.

1.2 SAR-B institution stablecoin issuance system

§ Create institution SAR-B, and can deposit and withdraw SDS to that SAR.

§ Select the pegged FIAT, in the first version, people can choose from USD, EUR, JPY or Gold

§ Based on the pegged fiat to feed price, SDS feed price, and minimum deposit ratio, issuance stablecoin.

§ Check overall information about Alchemint stablecoin market.

2. Project token upgrade SDT->SDS

1st August, we finished Alchemint project token swap, SDT (Special Drawing Token) was replaced by SDS (Standards). More details, can check the link below:

Community Operation

1. Alchemint first AMA

On 1st August during our token swap, Alchemint Founder Elva have completed the first Reddit, we had answered all the question asked on the AMA page, thanks for your participate!

2. WeChat live interview

On 3rd August, Alchemint interviewed by famous Chinese trader DianXiao’Er (店小二), the interview is orient the topic : Infrastructure project in Blockchain. After the interview, Elva also answer lots question asked from the fans.

The summary of the interview is in the link below.

3. Interview Airdrop

During the interview, we hold a airdrop event, in total 576 people participate, and draw 100 lucky winner.

SDS Token

1. SDS passed Bibox primary selection

11th August, Standards has passed Bibox primary selection for token listing, as this report published, SDS is still in voting period. Alchemint thanks to all the support. More details can check the link below:

2. Data available on CoinMarketCap/ Feixiaohao/ MyToken

Alchemint project token SDS is now available to check on CoinMarketCap/ Feixiaohao/ MyToken.

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