Alchemint’s Introduction

Alchemint, a smart contract platform on top of NEO’s blockchain, is designed to offer consumer grade fiat-pegged crypto-currencies leveraging the distributed ledger technology and smart contract and is committed to building up a decentralized, resilient, open and transparent system of price-stable crypto-currency.
Popular digital currencies, such as BTC, ETH and NEO, are unable to become means of payment as a result of their huge price volatility, which to a large extent impedes the current blockchain projects getting down to earth. Alchemint uses smart contract to allow distributed creations of sdusd (a kind of stablecoin dynamically pegged to USD) with the collateralization of various crypto-assets, as backed by a set of mechanism that secures the stability of sdusd’s value.
Having all the characteristics of crypto-currency, sdusd is additionally able to keep its own value stable. Being user-friendly, sdusd can be sent to others, used to settle prices for goods and services or held as long-term saving. Sdusd will also serve as an essential medium of exchange for crypto-currency trading platforms.
Initially, Alchemint’s platform supports one single type of asset to be collateralized, which is NEO. Subsequently, Alchemint will embrace assorted collateral assets and accept the reserve and mortgage of tokenized traditional assets, such as gold, real estate, fund units and etc., with a view to meeting consumer grade liquidity needs for stablecoins.
Down the road, sdusd will grow into an important value transmission tool for blockchain-based applications and be applied to various business scenarios. In addition, sdusd will provide users with experience of freedom, fairness and swiftness in the Internet world and build up a more efficient business development system with lower costs for crypto start-ups to boom.

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Alchemint Foundation Limited.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.