Alchemint Website/Whitepaper updated Available Now! has been updated, in this update, we launch our English and Chinese version, with more details information, more easier to understand mechanism, better user experience, cooler graphic.

New Banner graphic, introduction Alchemint platform, optimized the URL for whitepaper.

Improve the stablecoin mechanism, expand the application scenarios, and redesign the layout;

Upgrade the Roadmap roadmap, modify the 2nd phase of the “Expedition” and the 3rd phase of the “Elysium” section;

The team introduces optimization, optimizes the experience of viewing team information through interactive design;

Add community links such as Chinese Telegram, Youtube, Github, official email, Medium and Reddit;

Add Chinese version, easier for Chinese user to understand Alchemint;

Added FAQ module, help people know Alchemint more quickly;

The 1.0 version whitepaper was launched: The 1.0 version of the white paper, with the theme of “A Hybrid Model Stablecoins Issuing Platforme”, focused on the stablecoin distribution model on the commercial side, updated the team introduction, and re-designed the roadmap.

We are working overtime to optimize iterations, just to give you a better experience.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.