Alchemint Platform Public Testing

Alchemint — — The NEO’s stablecoin issuance platform is now on testnet, we want to invite everyone to join the public test and familiar the system.

During the public testing, please go to and create a new NEO Testnet address. After created, please send the public address to, we will provide 20 Testnet NEO and 2000 Testnet SDS for testing the Alchemint platform.

Testnet NEO and Testnet SDS is only existing in testnet, its don’t have value

We recommend create a new wallet address to participate our public testing

We will check email and distribute the Testnet token twice a day

For how to operate the Alchemint platform, please check the user manual on the Alchemint platform website. You can find it under the help tab on top-right corner of the web page.

If you have any feedback or question regarding to the public test, please check or post at :

Thank you,

Alchemint Foundation

User Manual direct link:

Testnet Script Hash





Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.