Alchemint Philosopher Recruitment

In the world of blockchain, the project’s product and their community is complementary to their success. Alchemint want to like Bitcoin, NEO, with the community support, let more people know about stablecoin, connect the world with the cryptocurrency.

We also hope, all the people participate in our community, can grow with us steps by steps.

Since the project founded, Alchemint received Fengbushi Capital, NEO Global Capital, CollinStar and other insinuations’ invest and support, project is development on track.

New begining, new journey.

Alchemint officially begin to recruit community partners — - Alchemint Philosopher

What is Alchemint Philosopher?

In the past, philosopher is a important role in Alchemy. And now Alchemint would like to invite you, the “philosopher ” to join us.

The philosopher will become important link to Alchemint and the community. Philosopher will help expand Alchemint community, cooperate with Alchemint to arrange campaign, become Alchemint community Key Opinion Leader, grow with the project, gather experience from the blockchain industry.




How to become a Philosopher?

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.