Alchemint NEO DevCon 2019 Recap

NEO DevCon 2019 is a forward-looking premium summit for developers, showcasing various decentralized applications and top contributors in the ecosystem. It was successfully held in Seattle from February 17th to 18th, 2019. Alchemint CTO Chris Qi attended and present on the topic “Stablecoin, the Infrastructure of Blockchain”

In this presentation, Chris Qi stated stablecoin can allow people to use cryptocurrencies for payment more easily. Alchemint did quite a few research last year, we find out although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin already had some good infrastructure to allow people using it for payment, but their not so many people willing to use it.

During the study in Japan, we find out most merchants want when customer send cryptocurrencies as payment, the merchants will receive the payment in fiat. Due to cryptocurrencies is fluctuate, for the business owner, holding cryptocurrencies is risky.

Right now, among all the stablecoin, USDT is the most one, but in his opinion, USDT is a kind of Offshore dollar, it did not fully rely on Blockchain technology, and it is not decentralized at all, USDT is issued through a centralized company (Tether).

Chris Qi said Alchemint want to push the experiment of the decentralized economy, so Alchemint chooses over-collateral based model to issue stablecoin. Compared to USDT, SDUSD is more transparency and automatically, all the process are traceable on the blockchain. So compare to USDT, SDUSD is more reliable.

In the end, Chris Qi gets back to Hayek’s Denationalization of Money. The most fundamental of a currency is how to keep the stability of your money, instead of how to create the usage of that. Stability of value is the precondition beyond all the other quality of a wide adopted currency even in the decentralized world. That is the key to competitive power. Unfortunately, the mainstream cryptocurrencies all failed to achieve this.

After the presentation, NEONewsToday interviewed Chris Qi, during the interview, Chris said as the Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform is successfully launched on NEO, for the next stage Alchemint will working on multiple blockchain platforms, allow users to collateral more assets to issue stablecoin.

Chris Qi also interviewed by Jinse Finance about his opinion on JPM coin. He stated that like other regulated stablecoin, JPM is a centralized stablecoin that existing in a closed system. However, Chris believes that it would be possible to map JPM coin to another currency using external technological means, and after mapping, it would be possible to use among the public. On this matter, JPM coin has started a good beginning. And it would encourage more and more financial institutions trying to mapping real-world assets to crypto assets. “USD crypto assets are just the beginning”, he said, “From now on, more assets like gold and stocks will be mapping on the blockchain.”

以上即为Alchemint CTO齐峰于NEO DEVCON的演讲实录,通过本次DEVCON大会,Alchemint展现了过去一年在稳定币世界的探索与行业的见闻,并对未来去中心化经济体寄予无穷的展望。

That’s all the recap of Alchemint CTO Chris Qi attend NEO DEVCON 2019. During the event, Alchemint shows the exploration and industry of the stablecoin industry in the past year, and has an infinite prospect for the future of decentralized economy.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.