Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (May 2019)

4 min readJun 4, 2019


Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform Status

As the market becomes better and with the announcement of Da Hongfei 100 Million NEO ECOBoost initiative, Alchemint stablecoin issuance platform visits and activities are also increasing.

Compared to April’s data, Total SNEO Collateralized, Total SDUSD Issued and the Overall Mortgage Rate increased due to NEO price increase. The total SNEO collateralized did not increase a lot, but the amount of Total SDUSD Issued and Overall Mortgage Rate increased quite significantly.

The Total Service Fee Paid (SDS) has continuously increased (with more than 200). It’s the 3rd month in a row with a big increase.

on 19th May, the Total SDUSD Issued has reached a record high of 123,413.87.
As the market becomes better, the platform is getting used more.

April 2019
May 2019

Research & Develop


Alchemint is about to launch SDS staking function. In the future of the Alchemint DeFi Ecosystem, all the income will be distributed to the SDS staking participators.

The ETH version of the platform will allocate the collateral service fee to the SDS staking participators. The smart contract is complete and will be available for testing soon!

NEO Version Platform Optimization

  • The FAQ page was launched. We will continuously update it with new information.
  • Add search function, easier to use.

ETH Version Platform

ETH version is complete with testing and debugging, it is ready for public beta.

RSK Version Platform

All SAR related smart contract developments are finished. We are actively testing and debugging it right now.

Developing ConfigCenter smart contract and risk management system:

  • The risk management system will feed BTC price to this smart contract
  • It will become the setting center for other smart contracts, feed required information to other smart contracts.

Community Operation

SDUSD/DAI atomic swap trading pair listed on Switcheo

On 24th May, Switcheo listed SDUSD/DAI trading pair, this is the first atomic swap stablecoin trading pair.

Participate in NEO online Round Table Meeting

9th May, Alchemint accepted NEO invitation and participated in NEO Digital Asset Alliance Round Table Meeting #5. Based on the stablecoin topic, Alchemint’s BD manager Harvey shared Alchemint’s vision and developments with others.

Attended GF.Network DeFi Event

On 12th May, Alchemint Founder Elva Zhang attended GF.Network DeFi event in Shanghai. During this event we shared Alchemint’s progress and updates with others.

Stablecoin is one of the most important Infrastructures of DeFi, we will keep close contact with other projects from GF.Network.

Invited and attended NEO Joy 2019 Shanghai

Gaming is a topic that NEO put a lot of emphasis on. Alchemint thinks that for a popular game a stablecoin implementation is necessary for trading value.

25th May, Alchemint community manager Stephen attended NEO joy 2019 Blockchain Refactoring Gaming Ecosystem — Shanghai stop. The event based on “NEO blockchain gaming”, discussed blockchain game value and the future, also the attendees got introduced to NEO gaming ecosystem.

Invited and attended Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Forum 2019

17th May, Alchemint community manager Stephen attended Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Forum 2019 organized by 8BTC. This Forum shared and introduced topics such as Blockchain Infrastructures, Token Economy, Digital Assets and Investment.

Attended Baidu Cloud|Blockchain Event

9th May, Baidu Cloud held “ABC Tech On 2019 Technology Forum| Blockchain” in Shanghai. Alchemint community manager Stephen attended this forum. The forum introduced how Baidu Cloud is using ABC+Blockchain to build a trust-worthy business ecosystem.