Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (March 2019)

Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform Status

This month, Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform added 2 login options.

Feb. 2019
March 2019

Research & Develop

Web Version Product

  • Optimized UI, no longer disabled button. Added more introduction, provided a more user-friendly interface.
  • Updated API port, decrease the time of load list data
  • After Sign broadcast and write into blockchain, it will no longer refresh the whole webpage. Now, it will only refresh the part’s data changed, optimized user experience.

Ledger Wallet Support

  • This function is enabled.

Mobile Version Platform

  • Fixed servals bug relate to the scrollbar
  • Optimized the UI on mobile device
  • Optimized the login function
  • The function and been tested and released on O3 wallet

ETH Version Platform

  • Complete the first ETH version Alchemint stablecoin issuance platform.
  • Completed the connection of front and back end, moved into testing and optimize phase.

Community Operation

Received 2018 Most Up-and-coming Blockchain Award

Invited to Attend HashKey International Digital Asset Smuuit 2019

Invited to Attend NEXT University Blockchain Technology Sharing Session in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Attended 2019 China Shanghai Blockchain Technology Application Summit

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.