Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (January 2020)

Roadmap 2020

After the development team and operation team discussion and research, we had planned out Alchemint’s 2020 roadmap, this will be finalized and handed to graphic designer shortly. Once it’s available, we will announce it to our community.

Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform Status

The market didn’t have a lot of movement during the month. Total SNEO Collateralized and Total SDUSD Issued had been decreased, but due to these user setting their Mortgage rate in low range, after these return action, the Overall Mortgage had been increased back above 300%.

Due to this return action, more than 1 Million SDS had been paid, the Total Service Fee Paid has a 50% increment during this month. All the SDS had been paid were take out of the circulating supply.

December 2019
January 2020

Research & Develop

NEO Platform Major Upgrade

As Alchemint’s NEO stablecoin issuance platform had been launched on NEO for over 1 year, we will have a major upgrade incoming, the upgrade will focus in:

  • Optimized for mobile device
  • More user-friendly

We had already collected quite a few points for the upgrade, if you have suggestions for these upgrade, please email to

Community Operation

Attended “How can blockchain empower government and enterprise application needs”

On January 9th, Stephen from Alchemint attended “How can blockchain empower government and enterprise application needs” co-hosted by NEAR, HashQuark, and IOSG. NEAR team and guests at the conference conducted an in-depth discussion on how blockchain can empower government and enterprise application needs, further deepening their understanding of the technical details of the NEAR Protocol and the new developments in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain companies and Internet companies are different. The strong endorsement ecology means that these companies are very different from the users targeted by open source projects, and there is no competition between them. On the contrary, if open source projects are built using these companies’ cloud platforms Your own open-source platform can help achieve strong alliances.

Making the fight against Coronavirus posters

The coronavirus causing a bigger impact than people thought.

We wish the best for all the people in the front line to fight against this coronavirus.




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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