Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (Dec. 2018)

Happy New Year! In 2019, Alchemint will working on popularize our product and focus on the next stage of our product. Since our DApp is launched on mainnet, we will change the progress report from bi-weekly back to monthly.

During the time 15th-31st Dec., Alchemint stablecoin issuance platform and SDUSD was launched on NEO mainnet. We hold Alchemint stablecoin launching event, our stablecoin SDUSD is launched on Swithceo and started trading, and we published 2018 annual report.

Mainnet launching

With 1 years development, Alchemint stablecoin SDUSD and stablecoin issuance platform are officially launched on NEO mainnet, NEO holder can enter to issue stablecoin SDUSD.

As the Monthly progress report published, the status of the system is shown as the picture above, we will compare the status in the next report.

Research & Develop

Development Progress

Alchemint Platform is deployed on NEO mainnet at 7th Dec 2018. After it deployed on mainnet, we optimized on these species:

Change wording and explanation, make it easier to use.

Optimized Risk manager permanent, will give Safety notification if the collateral rate is lower than 200%.

Add windows to show Total Service Fee Paid (SDS), these SDS is burnt and take out from the total supply.

Add a function find back the NEO lost, during SNEO convert back to NEO, close the webpage before it complete may cause the bug.

Website update

Add Mall tab, the first merchandises sell on Mall is NEO DEVCON ticket, SDUSD owner can use it to purchase.

Add SDUSD tab.

Business Cooperation

SDUSD listed on Swithceo

27th Dec, As the first stablecoin on NEO mainnet, SDUSD listed on DEX Switcheo, and use as a counter currency to trading.

SDUSD can be used to purchase NEODEVCON 2019 ticket

As the first stablecoin on NEO mainnet, SDUSD is pegged to US dollar at 1:1 ratio. NEO DEVCON will accept SDUSD to purchase the ticket, and for people who use SDUSD to purchase the ticket, they will enjoy a special discount: 119 SDUSD per ticket, compared to the fiat price $149, use SDUSD have a better deal.

Community Operation

Alchemint Platform Launching Event

22nd, Alchemint product launching event is successfully holding at Bihu. This event is a closed-door event, Alchemint invited industry-leading institutions and project teams. During the event, Alchemint CEO Elva ZHANG and CTO Chris QI shared the development history and product platform operation of the past year have been introduced and displayed.

Publish the 2018 Annual Report

31st Dec Alchemint publish the 2018 Annual Report

Alchemint New Year Toast

At the first day of 2019, Alchemint founder Elva published the “New Year’s Message to the Alchemint Community”, in the article, Elva reviewed the 2018’s milestone, and looking forward the 2019.




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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