Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (August 2019)

Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform Status

As the crypto market declined again in August, NEO price also decreased. Total SNEO Collateralized and Total SDUSD Issued remained at the same level as last month.
The Overall Mortgage Rate decreased from over 300% to above 250%.

The Total Service Fee Paid (SDS) is continuously increasing. It’s the 5th month in a row with an increase.

July 2019
August 2019

Research & Develop

Alchemint Decentralized Fintech Framework(ADFF)

Editing <Alchemint Decentralized Fintech Framework(ADFF)> Whitepaper will be available in English and Chinese soon.

RSK Version Platform

Completed the front end control center.

Completed the RSK wallet and asset management tab.

Launched RSK private chain for testing (

Optimized UX, modified the collateral service fee logic.

Community Operation

Presentation in NEOJOY at Shenzhen

On 24th August, NEO held a community event in Shenzhen about “DEFI Use Case and Value”.

Alchemint is one of NEO EcoBoost partners. During the event Alchemint’s member Yimo Chen shared our experience in the DEFI industry and he talked about stablecoins.

For the whole speech, please check this LINK

Attended LongHash Demon Day

On 16th August, Alchemint’s member Stephen attended LongHash Demon day in Shanghai. LongHash is an incubator that provides a full range of support to start-ups that are blockchain-related. During the event, 5 projects shared their progress on the stage.

Attended “MiiXCon Global Blockchain App ECP-Developer Summit”

On August 30th, Alchemint member Stephen participated in the “MiiXCon Global Blockchain App ECP-Developer Summit” under the guidance of Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang People’s Government, sponsored by MiiX and CSDN.

There is still a long way to go in the future of blockchain technology, and there will be more challenges. However, we firmly believe that the blockchain is promising and worth looking forward to.




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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