Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (April 2019)

Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform Status

Compare to March 2019, the Total SNEO Collateralized and Total SDUSD Issued about same as last month.

Due to NEO price had been decreased, the Overall Mortgage Rate had been decreased a little.

The Total Service Fee Paid (SDS) had surpassed 5,000. This means that some SDUSD issuers have returned their SDUSD back to the SAR this month. Since the Total SDUSD Issued is about the same level as last month, it also means that new SDUSD has been issued.

Total SAR amount increased by 20% compared to the end of March.

March 2019
April 2019

Research & Develop

Optimization for current Platform

  • Added Filter Function for Overall SAR-C List
  • Added Blockchain Explorer Function

Now you can use the Blockchain Explorer Function under the “Tool” Tab

  • Added Est. Total Service Fee To Be Paid(SDS)

ETH Version Platform

  • The ETH version of Alchemint stablecoin issuance platform has been completed. We are currently testing and debugging the platform.

RSK Version Platform

Since the beginning of 2019, besides from the ETH version, we also started the development of Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform on RSK.

  • The smart contract for token had been fully developed.
  • The smart contract for SAR had been developed for around 65%

Complete: Open/Close/Re-open SAR, Deposit/Withdraw Asset to/from SAR, collateral function, etc.

Incomplete: Liquidation, Return SDUSD, and Fees calculation.

Community Operation

SDUSD/NEX trading pair listed on Switcheo

On 5th April, Switcheo listed SDUSD/NEX trading pair, this is the first stablecoin trading pair for NEX.

Collecting questions for Alchemint Platform FAQ

In order to help new users use the Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform (, we are about to open a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab on the platform, every user can find questions and their respective answers easily.

For each question that have been selected and added into the FAQ collection, we will reward SDS to the person who submitted the question. And we will have special rewards for the Top 3 contributors!

Attended RSK Shanghai Meetup

On 3rd April, Alchemint’s Stephen attended RSK’s Shanghai Meetup. RSK CEO Diego introduced how powerful Bitcoin with smart contract capabilities can be. After the presentation, the attendees asked a lot of valuable questions to RSK team.

Attended Polkadot Hangzhou Meetup

On 10th April, Alchemint BD Manager Harvey attended Polkadot Hangzhou Meet-up. The event speakers were former Polychain Capital partner Ryan Zurrer, AVA Labs co-founder Kevin Sekniqi, imToken founder Bin He.

Attended “Learn about DeFi” Event

On 16th April, Alchemint Harvey, and Stephen attended “Learn about DeFi” organized by PANews.

Stablecoin is the key infrastructure of DeFi, Alchemint as a stablecoin project, always keep an eye on DeFi development. Based on the information shared during the event, we now have a deeper understanding of DeFi.

Attended InVault “2019 New Economy Pannel” Event

26th April, Stephen attended “2019 New Economy Pannel” Event hold by InVault.

Based on IEO, POS, Custody, and DeFi, the presenters shared their experience with all the attendees.



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