Alchemint May monthly report

Alchemint Operation system v0.92

Alchemint‘s SAR-C module — — a stablecoin issuing platform based on collateral crypto assets, finished the first version’s iteration. This version has already launched on the our private blockchain environment, and start testing, in this version, it’s included this function:

the converting between NEO and NEP-5 standard asset

Based on NEP-5 standard asset’s collateral and issuing stablecoin function.

SAR risk management and Compulsory Liquidation function.

Web-version wallet

Project design document and deployment and configuration documents, are currently editing, this data will be open sources.

App version wallet is in design.

Alchemint Whitepaper V1.0

Alchemint will have a major update, after this update, Alchemint will become a hybrid pattern stablecoin issuing platform. We will officially launching our Alchemint 1.0 whitepaper soon.

Whitepaper is in the final proofreading stage.

The new feature of Alchemint based on Whitepaper 1.0 is in design. Official website

Alchemint Official website is currently updating, about to launch our new version. The change included:

Add navigator, help user know the overall layout of the website, also make future update easier.

Add mechanism introduction module: the video about the mechanism of SAR-C module stablecoin: Sdusd

Update team members.

Update institution investor.

Add contact us module, help user get into our community, market collaboration, hiring.

Marketing & Operating

Online Community Growth

Voting for the best T-shirt

We launched the “Voting the T-shirt that presenting Alchemint for the best” on May 8th -15th. During this period, the activity responded strongly and attracted a large number of fans. Fans’ enthusiasm exceeded our expectations and provided us with a lot of valuable opinions. Through this event, fans’ understanding of our project has been deepened. We also randomly selected 10 lucky winners to reward, showing our feedback given to the community.

Industry Innovation Forum event

The Shanghai Science and Technology Festival — Blockchain Industry Innovation Forum was held on May 22 at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and attracted many blockchain industry key opinion leaders. Alchemint was invited to participate in the event. As the only stablecoin project in the NEO ecosystem, Alchemint founder Ms. Zhang delivered the keynote speech of “Alchemint’s stabilizingcoin exploration and practice” and was highly concerned through the entire industry of the blockchain. . The introduction of cross-chain and putting traditional asset on blcokchaining ignited the enthusiasm of more than 300 audiences on the scene, refreshing people’s understanding of the stablecoin market scale.

Old supporters feedback events

On May 21st, old supporters feedback events were held in the telegram group. 4000 participants’ attendances were completed in 12 hours, and more than 50% of the participants in the questionnaire received scores more than 80 points. During the period, increase in the number of people was more than 100% in telegram group. Increase in the number of people was more than 100% in Reddit. The increase in the number of people in all channels has skyrocketed. The number of fans in telegram communities has reached 1.6w. The overall number of fans has approached 3w, and the monthly growth rate has reached 300%.




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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