Alchemint April Progress Report

The word “Alchemint” was combined from Alchemist and Mint. We want to transmit the idea: Alchemint aims to create a easy-to-use digital currency that bridges the digital world and the real world, providing digital financial services to the public all over the world.

“Alchemint” 名称来源于古希腊炼金术师(Alchemist)与铸币厂(Mint)两个词语的组织再造。我们希望传递一种理念:Alchemint 千捶百炼出价值稳定、方便好用的数字货币,打通数字世界与现实世界的桥梁,为全人类提供数字金融服务。

Alchemint 是一个运行于 NEO 公链的智能合约管理平台。任何人都可以通过 Alchemint 系统制造和获得稳定币,Alchemint 稳定币锚定了法币,人们就可以用稳定币进行交易、支付,也可以直接转账给其他人。当然,人们也能够方便地从交易所购买稳定币。

Alchemint is a smart contract management system based on NEO blockchain. People can use Alchemint’s system to issue and receive stablecoin. Alchemint’s stablecoin is pegged to FIAT, people can use our stablecoin for transaction, payment or transfer. Also, people can use FIAT to buy our stablecoin at Exchanges.

自项目发起以来,Alchemint 获得了50多个国家投资者以及全球 Alchemint 社区粉丝的信任和支持,大家对一种更完美的稳定币的热情让我们备受鼓舞。

Since the project started, Alchemint has received the support and trust from more than 50 countries’ investors and fans all around the world. people’s desire on a more perfect stablecoin encouraged us to take up this mission.

Alchemint 致力于稳定币长远的发展规划,并秉持开放、公正、透明的社区治理原则,以进度报告的方式披露项目的发展进度和重要事项。以下是我们4月份的进度报告 。

Alchemint is committed to the long-term development plan on stablecoin, upholds a open, fairness and transparency principle on communities’ governance, and publishs Alchemint’s progress and significant events by issuing progress report.

Below is Alchemint April Progress Report:

Research & Development

Smart Contract

Alchemint 智能合约研发进度比较理想,核心的代币转换以及抵押、发行功能已经完成并进入测试。在这个过程中克服和解决了诸多技术问题,包括 UTXO 资产特殊性造成的抵押难题,NEO 资产抵押过程中产生的 GAS 归属等问题。

The development of the smart contract achieved a better result. Core token’s converting, mortgaging and publishing functions were completed and moved to testing phase. We faced and solved multiple technical problems, included the collateral problems due to the particularity of UTOX assets, the ownership of GAS when the NEO be mortgaged in Alchemint system.



Web wallet was developed in progress, we had coded corresponding underlying libraries, completed transactions’ packaging. Alchemint’s web wallet will ingrate many functions.


跨链方案正在设计中,我们计划让 Alchemint 提前支持跨链资产抵押。

Cross-chain program is being designed, we are planning to let Alchemint system support cross-chain digital assets’ collateral ealier.

Price Risk Management


A more perfect Price Risk Management System is in R&D.

Marketing and Operation

Meetup & Conference

◆ Alchemint Europe Tour

4月14日-26日,Alchemint 创始人Elva Zhang 女士以及 Alchemint 欧洲社区领导人 Jonathan Quali 先生出席了 NEO 欧洲之行阿姆斯特丹、里斯本、马德里、巴黎、苏黎世共五站的 meet up 活动,向欧洲 NEO 社区关注者介绍了稳定数字货币的现状和前景、Alchemint 项目的概况、Alchemint 稳定币机制以及Alchemint 的社区发展等。

Between 14th-26th April, Alchemint’s Founder Ms. Elva Zhang and Alchemint’s Europe Community Leader Mr. Jonathan Quali attended NEO Europe Tour in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris and Zurich. In those 5 meetups, we introduced the current state and the future of stablecoin, the overview of Alchemint, Alchemint’s stabilization mechanism and Alchemint’s community development.

Alchemint 项目受到了众多欧洲数字币爱好者的热情关注。同时通过市场曝光,我们还与多个 NEO Dapps 项目以及一些对稳定币感兴趣的机构达成了合作意向。

During the meetups, Alchemint received the attention of many European cryptocurrency enthusiasts. we also emerged cooperation interest between several other NEO Dapps and some institutions interested in stablecoin.

◆ Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference

4月17日-18日,新加坡新跃社科大学(SUSS)联合 Longhash 在新跃社科大学举办了为期两天的全球普惠区块链峰会。Alchemint 的 CTO Chris Qi 先生代表 Alchemint 参加了本次峰会,并在圆桌会议中就“稳定币”这一主题表达了 Alchemint 的看法。

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Longhash organized the Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference on April 17–18, 2018. Alchemint’s CTO Mr. Chris Qi attended this summit meeting and shared Alchemint’s vision during the “Stablecoin” panel discussion.


◆ Communities Operating

欧洲路演期间,在每个城市的Alchemint meetup 活动上, 我们都吸引了多名当地粉丝成为活动志愿者。Alchemint 还通过 Telegram、Twitter 等媒体渠道进行了实时直播活动,共计为社区新增 2000多名的粉丝。

During the NEO Europe Tour, we attracted local fans to become our meetups’ volunteers, and broadcasted the event via Telegram, Twitter, etc. We had added more than 2000 new followers.

◆ Air Drop

为了活跃社区粉丝,我们还启动了 Alchemint 项目代币 SDT 的空投活动,共有 163 名幸运中奖者将获得每人50个 SDT 代币,代币将于 SDT上市后统一发放。

In order to incite the people to attend the tour, we started an airdrop for the NEO Europe Tour. We had 163 successful applicants in total and will send 50 SDT after the public sale finish.

◆ Communities Establishment

Alchemint 项目已建立起自媒体渠道矩阵,共覆盖20多个中英网站。




Password: 7789


Alchemint is operating Social Media account acrossing more than 20 platforms. we also built communities all over the world. Right now, we have already built:

Europe community

Korea community

Password: 7789

Vietnam community

我们欢迎来自各国的 Alchemint 爱好者联系我们,组建 Alchemint 的区域社区组织。社区合作人报名请联系我们:

We are welcoming people from all over the world to build Alchemint regional community. Reginal community application please contact:




完成 Alchemint 稳定币 SDUSD 的 logo 的设计工作。

Designed the logo of Alchemint’s Stablecoin, SDUSD.

完成 Alchemint 稳定机制动画一期的制作和发布。

Made and issued a video (first stage) to explain Alchemint’s stablization mechanism.

Alchemint 品牌周边产品的设计制作(服装、徽章)。

Designed and produced Alchemint merchandise ( Cultural shirt, Badge ).


Management Structure

建立起了 Alchemint 治理架构,包括研发、运营、商务合作、行政、财务共五个部门。

Established the Management Structure of Alchemint: include R&D Department, Operating Department, Business Development Department, HR Department and Finance Department.



Hosted a training to all team members for a better understanding of Stablecoin and our business.


建立 Alchemint 的各项内部控制制度。

Established the ICOHR of Alchemint.

Significant Events


Alchemint 的私募于4月5日圆满完成,共获得30多家海外投资机构的融资。包括但不限于:

Alchemint finished the pre-sale of Alchemint’s token SDT in April 5th, received the investment from more than 30 global investment institutions, such as:



与分布式交易所 Switcheo 达成战略合作。

Reached a strategic partnership with Switcheo, a decentralized Exchange.

Our telegram:

Our Twitter:

Our reddit:




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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