Alchemint 7.16–7.31 Progress Report

In the later half of July, Alchemint achieved major progress in every aspect. For product team, we finished SAR-B issuance contract design, improvved official website and officially release our 1.0 Version Whitepaper. For marketing aspect, we improved marketing in China, increased followers and lead the community more activated. Alchemint launched on exchanges on 26th July, right now, there are 4 exchange listed SDS. In order to cooperate with Alchemint main contract will released on NEO Mainnet later, we replaced SDT with more optimized SDS.

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Below is more details information:

We finished SAR-B β version smart contract, feed price node, web based controller, and Infrastructure wallet, web based controller UI design is finished, please wait for early August SAR-B β launch on test net.

Optimized the work flow for how SAR been create and stablecoin naming logic, avoid duplicated names.

Add function to show Wallet address in QR code.

Optimized the Transaction history page and wallet private key page.

Optimized the funactionality of switching different wallet.

The website update includes

Updated banner picture, introduce Alchemint, optimized the URL of whitepaper.

More introduction about stablecoin mechanism, expand use case if stabelcoin, redesign the format

Roadmap update

Optimized team introduction with better UX

Added more social media button

Add Chinese version

Add FAQ section

Visit NEO HQ, disscuss with Red4sec regarding code auditing

Visit NEL & NNS exchange experience about development.

The whitepaper update includes:

Added SAR-B, a stablecoin issuance method based on fiat and SDS reserves

More graphic, help people understand SAR-C and SAR-B

More information about how Alchemint Foundation organized and operate

Operation and Marketing

We had distrubuted all the airdrop previous we owned.

Alchemint had issue SDS Standards to replace SDT ( Special Drawing Token), it not only a brand upgrade, also the new SDS is more optimized for the main contract soon release on the NEO blockchain.

Right now, SDS is avaliable to trading in,, and

In order to introduce Alchemint and Alchemist League, we had prepared a Shenzhen Meetup in China, we invited other project in NEO econmy, KOL from law industry, VC industry and academia. We also prepared gift for people showed up.

We had postponsed Shenzhen meetup, we will notify when it’s restart.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.