Alchemint 7.2–7.15 Progress Report

From July, instead Monthly report, Alchemint will start publish Bi-Weekly report.



Complete smart contract upgrade, add storage key, reserved port for contract upgrade.

Added API, able to provide transaction information and details

Web-base Console

Finished low level wallet module packaging and development

Finished Flat design style UI design, and starting testing

Front end UI is still in design and revoking


Node side and smart contract development finished, into testing stage.

Marketing and Operation

Shanghai Meetup

7th, July 2018, Alchemint hold first meetup in Shanghai, during the meetup, Alchemint announced Alchemist League. The meetup is hold in Fortune Coffee near The Bund, around 200 people showed up in the meetup. Professor Feng Xinyuan from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences made opening speech, Stephen announce the Alchemist League community plan, Operation director Yimo Cheng hold the stablecoin panel discussion, Angle Investor Chen Yu, and Mikko make share their opinion with the crowds.

JBaas Tokyo Blockchain Summit

7th July, Alchemint invited and attended JBaas Blockchain Summit in Tokyo, Japan. Alchemint CTO Chris make an speech about Alchemint unique Hybrid pattern. The crowds showed great interest to Alchemint.

O3 Wallet Airdrop

From 5th July to 12th July, Alchemint cooperate with a SDT airdrop event. During that period of time, user can apply through O3 wallet, and we make a blockchian snapshot on 12th evening. If the applicant have holding equal or more than 25 NEO on his NEO address, he will able to get 50 SDT airdrop.

Education in [3AM Mars Finance study group]

7th July, Alchemint Founder Elva Zhang had an interview regard to “How hybrid pattern can help improve the liquidity of stablecoin”in [3AM Mars Finance study group],

[3AM Mars Finance study group] 「3点钟火星财经创始学习群」, one of the most famous WeChat group about Blockchain, not only famous cryptocurrency Founder, and Blockchain Venture in the chat group, but also big names from Internet Company and other industry in the group.

Bitcoin usability research in Japan

From 8th to 9th July, Alchemint CTO Chris Qi started a Bitcoin usability research in Roppongi Area, Tokyo, Japan. The research in welcome by multiple business owner, Chris had deep conversation with business owner about the future of Bitcoin as payment solution, also business owner showed great interest in payment by stablecoin.

Discuss Stablecoin with Mikko

3rd July, Alchemint CEO Elva Zhang and CTO Chris Qi visited famous Monetary Theory researcher Mikko. Mikko provided his unique vision and analysis on stablecoin, and from listed different problem and challenge current stablecoin project face on. Mikko is positive with Alchemint’s operation method and exploring the opportunity, also exchange opinion on Cryptocurrency and Stablecoin.




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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