1st-15th Sept. Progress Report

Product Development

Research and Development

As SAR-C launched (SAR-B function was launched on August), Alchemint platform has officially started invitational testing. We will make updates and based on the suggestion provided by professional background on front-end functionality and user experience, and value the product mechanisms logic. Meanwhile the development team will continuously make optimized and updates on the code, make our product running more efficiently, more safely, and the architecture more suitable.

Invitation Testing

During this testing, in total user make 45 issue as the bi-weekly report been posted, 25 of them already solved, the rest we are solving of it.

Technology cooperate

Discuss with Ontology about cross-chain technology, and question about mapping asset between NEO and ONT. Prepared the skills and knowledge when Alchemint enable cross-chain functionality.

Help develop CGAS and CNEO with NEO’s development team. It will make Alchemint’s collateral function more easier to use

CGAS and CNEO were created because NEO’s UTXO assets (NEO and GAS) cannot be easily used with smart contracts. By converting GAS to a NEP-5 equivalent, developers can have access to full smart contract functionality and make use of the GAS token within applications.

Visited 360 HQ in Beijing, discuss blockchain security, and introduce them the Alchemint mechanisms and architecture.


Attended The Fourth Blockchain Summit

11th, Sept, Alchemint Founder Elva incited by The Fourth Blockchain Summit. During the event, Alchemint discuss how stablecoin will help blockchain connect general public’s daily life with other industry expert.

Attended Ethereum Technical Meetups

10th Sept, Alchemint Founder Elva been invited to attend Ethereum Technical Meetups. During the meetups, Vitalik discuss with more than 40 blockchain developer. The discussion is around Sharding, Dishonest node, the evaluation of cryptocurrenices wallet.

Attended 2018 China ISC(Internet Security Conference)

12th Sept, Alchemint CTO Chris been invited and 2018 Beijing ISC(Internet Security Conference), discuss about the security challenges when traditional internet company what to involve into blockchain.

Attended The Bund Insurance Technology salon

13th Sept, Alchemint business manager Harvey invited and attend to The Bund Insurance Technology salon, based on Blockchain and Insurance, make deep discussion.

Business Cooperate

Discuss about Stablecoin cooperation with NGD

7th Sept, Alchemint Founder with NGD (NEO Global Development) founder Da Hongfei based on cooperation on Stablecoin make discussion.

Visited Southeast Asia for application cooperation

From 12th-15th, Alchemint founder Elva visited Southeast Asia, at Cambodia, Malaysia and Viet Nam, with local finance institution discuss on the topic bring stablecoin into general public’s daily life. Establish intention to cooperate with some of finance institution.




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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