16–31 Aug. Progress Report

Research and Development

1. SAR-B Module

Launched on testnet, started Internal Testing

Optimized to SAR manual lowest deposite rate, pegged asset whitelist and other functions.

2. SAR-C Module

Finished Web app UI design

Finished smart contract development, start intergrate with UI layer

Finish Alchemist mechanism design

Optimized Clearing mechanism, added Clearing limit to provided more protect the issuer

3. Oracle Module

Finished external price feed mechanism, now support multiple feed price node to feed price with decentralize.

All the external data will process by smart contract ExternalDataCenter

Marketing and Operating

Alchemint Philosopher Recruitment Began

As a blockchain project, the project itself can not be successful without growing with it’s community. We invited people to join us and grow with us, so we began the Alchemint Philosopher Recruitment. We received application from all around of the world.

For more details:


Alchemint attended Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition

Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition is a stablecoin competition hold in Beijing,

25th Aug, Alchemint has been invited as judge for the competition. In the competition, we exchange idea and opinion with other stablecoin project.

More details will be translate and publish later.

Standards SDS

Won Bibox listing vote

24th, Aug. with the support from the community, SDS has been vote as 3rd place winner of listing vote. We are gratefully thank to the community.

For more detail: https://medium.com/@AlchemintIO/alchemint-sds-had-won-the-bibox-vote-41ac40b2d4c2

Media coverage

TVCC news: http://tvccnews.co.kr/news/view.php?idx=2118&sm=w_total&stx=HAO+YING&stx2=&w_section1=&sdate=&edate=

Bishijie: http://www.bishijie.com/home/newsflashpc/find?key=BDC&value=BDC

Huoxing24: http://www.huoxing24.com/liveNewsDetail/20180826112730931079.html




Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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Alchemint is the NEO ecosystem’s stable coin.

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